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Namaste and Welcome!

I am Honey and I am excited to welcome you to my blog!

By profession, I am a learning experience designer who loves to explore – what it takes to make the learning experience fulfilling for a learner and then connecting the dots to facilitate that experience.

My forte is to make difficult concepts easier by using different techniques. If I can do one thing without getting tired or stressed, it is to make learning experience enriching and interesting for the learners. I love to create learning nuggets that can help people to take a step ahead from the point when they have no idea how to deal with a pressing situation or maybe to solve a technical problem — to the point when they are confident enough to face the world in dealing with the matter-at-hand.

I believe my interest in making learning meaningful is due to my long association with the training industry. I started my career as the front face of learning delivery — an instructor. As an instructor, I have successfully delivered more than 100+ classroom training and Instructor-Led Training (ILT) on many technical and non-technical concepts. As my life has evolved, I have grown professionally from a facilitator of learning to a learning experience designer. In this capacity also, I have developed learning components of different types, such as ILTs, eLearning, video training, IT simulations, blended training, and now wisdom nuggets.

As we grow, we keep adding to our wisdom either through our family or through our friends and people we meet every day. Starting this blog as a gesture to share my knowledge and experience with this beautiful world and with all you lovely people. I want to add value in your life and also add more wisdom in my life as I collect new pearls of wisdom to share with you.

One mantra that I have always followed all my life and would like to share with you is to be a “LearnerForever“. It will help you outshine your life and make your life radiant as sunshine. With these wisdom nuggets, I intend to help you explore new insights and to help you walk smoothly on your “LearnerForever” journey.

I hope you like my posts and get benefit from it!

Join the WisdomtoShine tribe and enjoy the bliss!

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Thanks! God Bless You!
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Like and spread the sunshine!
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