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Book of your Life

Like and spread the sunshine!

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Do you know? When you wake up in the morning every day, your life is like a blank slate with you being the anchor who decides to fill this slate based on how you choose to devote your day. You can either choose to acquire knowledge and become more powerful and wise, or drain your energy and become weak and silly!

It totally depends on you whether you want to write a good page that made you wise or a bad page that you want to forget in this book of your life.

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The good page is written on the basis of all the worthy things you do throughout the day. These are new experiences, new learning, or just some memories, like enjoying with your family, friends, and colleagues, discussing some good ideas over a cup of coffee or tea. It also includes going out in nature and enjoying every part of it or finding new ideas or inspiration to make a difference. In fact it can be anything you would like to cherish again and again.

On the other hand, a bad page collects rough things that may drain your energy and take you away from being wise. You add to a bad page when you:

  • Remember your past mistakes and failures.
  • Talk about instances when someone may have hurt you and haven’t done any good to you.
  • Waste time in petty and unproductive things.
  • Judge other people and instances when they hurt you.

The only difference between these pages is that you would like to revisit a good page again. In fact, you often share your good page with others sometimes as cherished memories and sometimes as wisdom to help others as well as yourself. However, a page written with bad instances makes you sad when you are filling that page and even when you revisit your book of life. It makes your chapter of life and eventually your book of life full of chaos.

So what would you like to do?

Write a good page or a bad page?

I am sure you would want to write a good page to cherish it again.

But then the next question is – How to write a good page in the book of your life?

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And here is how you can do that…

Focus on each moment right from the dawn till the dusk. Give your undivided attention to each moment. Be mindful of how the day unfolds for you.

You can also make each day productive by acquiring knowledge, no matter how small. Find instances when you have learned a new thing and share it with others. Sharing your newly acquired wisdom makes you happy.

Some of the things that make me ultra happy and good are:

  • Getting to know a new way to enjoy life and de-stress myself
  • Finding a new route to the place I am driving
  • Learning a new word, or synonym to an old word or better enough learning a new language
  • Trying a new recipe
  • Exploring a new way to solve a problem
  • Discussing innovative ideas with like-minded people
  • Reading signs and communicating with the Universe

So… What are you waiting for? Go on… Don’t let the bad pages fill the book of your life. You don’t know how many people get inspired or demotivated, just by observing you, and the way you deal with things that happen during the course of your day.

You don’t even know when you may need to refer to these pages again just to remember your days or to help yourself and others with your wisdom. So, make sure when you do so, you have an inspiring story to tell, a happy memory to cherish, and a meaningful wisdom to share.

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With this, this is Honey signing off today!

Thank You and have a blissful day!

Like and spread the sunshine!

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