Coincidences? Nay! Blessings – Yay!

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Coincidences? Nay! Blessings – Yay!

Like and spread the sunshine!

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It is rightly said that there are no coincidences and everything happens for a reason. And, I have experienced it all my life. Each one of us is guarded and blessed by the Divine all our lives. Whenever we have a doubt, we turn to the Universe and get our answers in the form of mystical signs. I strongly feel a holy connect and presence of some positive force that helps me out of many difficult life situations.

With gratitude to the Universe and my loving Angels, I would like to share one such instance that happens often in my life. [Touch Wood] Many times when I am driving, it feels that some supreme force guides me to drive in a certain way to save me from a car crash or an accident. I always think later that I am not that capable to think so instantly and make that swift move/decision to get away from a rash driving vehicle or any approaching problem. But that swift decision helped me stay away from an approaching problem or disaster. Well! what do I say more, in these kinds of situations, I always see above and thank my Angels for taking me out of the difficult situations? One such instance is when I take any turn by mistake and later I discover it to be an alternate way to dodge very heavy traffic on the usual route.

So, cutting the long story short, there is a Divine presence and to experience it in your life, you just need to ask the right questions, look for guidance from the Almighty in form of the signs, and trust that those signs will lead you to your answers.

My quest to this question-answer journey started in my childhood with answers from the holy book of Hindus – The Ramayana. That was the first form of divination, which gave me accurate answers always. However, my quest to question the Universe and get the answers did not stop there. In fact, it kept on growing with me. The next one in my exploration journey was -The Gita and it got me attached to my Divine brother – Krishna. I still talk to him in person and really get lots of my doubts cleared. And it’s real, trust me!

Ok, we are humans, and our hunger to shop never dies. So, I kept my spiritual shopping alive and explored some other forms of question-answers from Sai Satcharitra, Tarot readings, and charms.

I must confess that after exploring many forms of answers from the Divine, my trust in finding and interpreting the answers grew multi-fold. All I can say now is that interpreting the signs and relating to the current situation is such a driving force that keeps me curious and lively always.

I want to share this bliss as gratitude and a giveaway. And I am so happy and super excited that the Universe has directed me for this too. I thank the Almighty for this discovery also. If it can help someone turn to positivism and get the answers they seek during their hard and testing times, I will feel that the Universe has accepted my thanks.

Thanks to the Universe and Krishna for being my guardians and blessing me all my life! Please bless all – who trust you and give their hands in your hand!

Thanks and God Bless!

Like and spread the sunshine!

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