A gentle nudge to “What really matters”!

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A gentle nudge to “What really matters”!

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I am a strong believer in synchronicities and every moment my faith in the whispers from the Universe keeps getting firm. Especially, when sometimes, I am literally directed to signs that give me the answers to the questions that I am looking deep within.

For the last many days or months, No…. I think for last few years, I have been seeking answers to my existence. I am constantly asking the following questions to myself and also to the Universe.

  • Why am I here
  • What is my purpose
  • Am I here just to live the daily grind

I think this is what people say existential crisis, which is a complex term with an equally complex explanation.

I will delve deep into it someday and talk about it

But for now, here is a poem by Michael Josephson, which II stumbled upon this morning while looking for something else. This poem kind of relates to my current state of mind and heart.

The poem is called WHAT WILL MATTER and it is written by Michael Josephson


Thanks to Michael Josephson for writing this piece.

The debate that takes place every day between my heart and mind is very beautifully expressed here in this poem.

It is said that when you ask questions with true intention, the Universe presents you with the answers in form of synchronicities, such as numbers, quotations, songs, poems, and so on. I consider myself blessed as I am mentored by the Universe in form of these synchronicities or meaningful coincidences, which sometimes lead me to the answers I am looking for and sometimes raise a question for me to introspect within.

So, I would like to thank my coach and best friend – Universe for directing me to this poem at that juncture of my life when I am looking for answers about my role here and how I can make a difference. I have always wanted to be Valuable and this poem very well summarizes the idea of BEING VALUABLE.

Do you want to know how did I benefit from this poem?

Well, after reading it, I interrogated myself with the following questions:

  • What have I built?
  • What have I given?
  • What is my significance?
  • What have I taught?
  • What have been my acts of integrity, compassion, and courage?
  • What have I sacrificed?
  • Who have I enriched?
  • Who have I empowered?
  • What kind of character do I have?
  • Who will miss me when I am gone?
  • What memories will I cherish when I will die?
  • How long will I be remembered, by whom, and for what? And finally,
  • How do I live a life that really matters?

My one answer to all these questions at this moment is “wisdom to shine“. It will be a platform through which I will try to add value. This will be my contribution and I wish it helps others who are seeking answers!

With that thought, Thank you! once again dear Universe for being my best friend and my mentor for life!

Thank you, Thank you Thank you!

And thanks to all of you for listening to me!

Love and Blessings!


Listen to the podcast of this post here

Like and spread the sunshine!

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