Be AWARE to Combat Being “Panicked”

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Be AWARE to Combat Being “Panicked”

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Today’s daily prompt word is “Panicked“,  and while I was thinking about the word, it started giving me some uneasy vibes. Well, it seems that when we come across the word “Panic”, we generally have this feeling of being in an uncomfortable situation!

And when just thinking gives a worrisome feeling, what if someone is actually panic stricken?


Its certainly is an uncomfortable situation, which needs attention so that you can come out of it and help yourself to a be a better You! You can even help others, who are experiencing the symptoms.

However, before you can help someone who is actually dealing with panic or help yourself come out of panic, you need to recognize the symptoms of being Panicked, which are:

  • Short of breath
  • Sweaty palms
  • Shivering legs
  • Feeling that you are in “Danger”

These are just a few symptoms that give an indication that you need to be AWARE and proactive to help yourself come out of a situation that makes you uneasy. AWARE  technique can help you deal with panic or anxiety. This technique has five steps that can help you combat the panic that causes anxiety. They are: Accept –> Wait –> Act –>Repeat –> End.

To deal with panic, you need to  practice AWARE steps as mentioned in the first card. The whole idea behind this technique is to practice something that diverts you from the panic situation. You can tweak some steps as per your liking as I have done!

How do I do? Here are my AWARE steps:


You can also combat anxiety and panic just by being AWARE. Download these cards for your ready reference or create your own cards with the actions that make you come out of anxiety.

If you want to know how to practice belly breathing, then click here–> belly breathing exercise

Thanks for visiting! I hope this will be helpful to you! God Bless You!

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